The Person Behind the Success of Earth Renovation & design

Our founder and owner, Joel Wasserman transforms lives by showing people how to combine elements of building and design to make a difference in the way they feel about their homes. Joel has been serving both residential and commercial property owners for the past 25 years. His past clients include Draper & Kramer Property Management, Lieberman Brothers, Lifetime Fitness, and Bloomingdale’s to name a few. He has also worked with HGTV & Home Shopping Network as the “Renovation Expert” , and has been the face of Kilz Primer in television and print ads since 2008.

Where To Find the Founder

Joel resides in Highland Park, Illinois, together with his wife and three children. When Joel is not out in the field you can find him in his workshop designing and hand crafting earth renovation creations. His design studio is located at 51 Highwood Ave, Highwood, Illinois 60040.